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Kellyanne Conway has released her memoir, “Here’s the Deal” and is making the rounds to promote her new book.

Today Conway made an appearance on “The View” to discuss the book. Co-Host Sunny Hostin wasted no time in taking the opportunity to bash former President Trump while asking a question of Kellyanne. Sunny starts with, “I wanna talk to you about the big lie and the stolen election.” Conway quips back, “Russian collusion illusion?”

Sunny redirects back, “No, well there are a lot of lies.” Kellyanne interjects, “three years.” Continuing on Sunny reads from her card, “By the end of his term, I think Trump had accumulated 30,573 lies during his presidency, but I wanna talk about the big lie, the stolen election.”

Pointing at Conway, Sunny announces, “you write ‘Trump was more shocked about losing in 2020 than he was about winning in 2016. That he couldn’t comprehend how he lost to Joe Biden, people around him lied to him, and told him he won.”

Sunny then asks, “did you lie to him?” Conway retorts, “never”. Sunny then asks, “can you agree that Trump lost both the popular vote and the electoral college and that it was a free and fair election?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden is the president, I can’t believe we’re still talking about this, respectfully.” One of the hosts chimes in, “but Trump is.”

Conway then taps her book laying on the table and says, “I write extensively in this book, that I am the closest person to Donald Trump to tell him, the earliest, he came up short. Broke my heart, I wanted him to get reelected and I only wish the people who were in charge of his 2020 campaign, with the $1.4 billion dollars that they wasted, had won outright and overwhelmingly. He should have won huge, he had all these accomplishments, he’s running against a guy who’s stuck in the basement and you’re in the middle of a pandemic you say ‘folks don’t change courses midstream’.”

The audience of the view begins to boo Conway at this point, but Goldberg scolds the audience asking them, “please don’t boo her.”

Sunny then asks, “Why does he continue to lie about it?” Conway states what she thinks is going on, “I think President Trump was told, again and again by people on his campaign, you’re gonna win in a landslide. They had him going to Oregon, Minnesota, for what? And then after he’s coming up short, there’s a way that we can do this.”

“I said very clearly, publicly, as I said to him privately, ‘You have every right to do what Hillary Clinton did, what Stacy Abrams did, what lots of Democrats and Republicans have done which is ‘till December 14th, which is when the electors certify the election, you can amass evidence get people to sign affidavits’.”

“The fact is our hearts are broken, My heart is broken that Joe Biden is the president because look what’s happened. In less time than it takes to have a baby they’ve screwed up the country, your talking about insurrection, we’re talking about inflation.” This stirs up the hosts and it seems to devolve at that point.

Conway, it appears believes Trump has been manipulated by those around him, into believing he won the 2020 election. This is the reason why he holds tight to his claims that the 2020 election was not free and fair, and is still calling for more to be done to secure our elections in her view.

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