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Apparently, Walmart is getting ready for June’s “pride month” as well as Juneteenth. An array of pictures of the apparent new Great Value brand Ice cream pictures have taken social media by storm. It appears to be an attempt to mimic Ben and Jerry’s “woke” flavors, with Walmart looking to be dipping their toes with trademarked Juneteenth ice cream as well as a Pride ice cream, although the company hasn’t confirmed the validity of all of this, it seems unlikely that it is a troll with all the pictures.

The celebration edition ice creams are causing quite an uproar on social media and may not be received the way Walmart intended. You can never quite tell how the left will react to companies’ attempts to support the “woke” agenda.

Twitter user Ticora called the ice cream “gentrification of Juneteenth” and called into question the judgment of Walmart’s trademark attorneys.

“The gentrification of Juneteenth is on the way brough to you by @Walmart. I’m also looking at the little ™ symbol next to Juneteenth with so many questions sigh. Do you not have any trademark attorneys who advised against this? Or do y’all just not care?”

Twitter user @BoneKnightmare declared that people who aren’t outraged over the ice cream, “sit, listen, and never learn anything.”

“For those who don’t get the outrage behind the #Juneteenth ice cream: A White-owned company named @Walmart is trying to trademark Juneteenth. Some people sit, listen, and never learn anything.”

Ekta Shah believes that Juneteenth becoming a national holiday was just gaslighting Black ppl and Walmart’s trademark is “white supremacy in action”

“I knew when they’d declare Juneteenth as a holiday it was just a bone being thrown at Black ppl in typical gaslighting fashion. Walmart’s new action to trademark a Black American moment of historical significance is the epitome of white supremacy in action.”

@bigbadwolf456 believes Walmart Juneteenth ice cream will make “white folks rich”.

“In keeping with American tradition, Walmart celebrates Juneteenth by using black culture to make white folks rich.”

Christopher Mergerson appears to be more skeptical of the validity of the trademarked ice cream tweeting, “Convinced that Juneteenth (TM) Ice Cream is a sketch from Spike Lee’s Bamboozled that was left on the cutting floor. Ain’t no way @Walmart execs said, “Let commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S. by monetizing a cheap brand of ice cream.” And attempt to trademark the holiday.”

@BallotNbullet tweeted, “They’re trying to bastardize the meaning of Juneteenth with Pan African & Ethiopian flag colors, exploiting Native Black Americans history by trying to capitalize financially off of our ancestors fight! Look at what Walmart and other corporations are doing. #Juneteenth

@AshFray314 encourages people to avoid the Walmart Juneteenth items and instead buy from “Black businesses” and includes a shout-out to @piedmovment.

“Please do NOT but Juneteenth items from Walmart. There are plenty of Black businesses that you can purchase from. @piemovement is one. Feel free to list others below. But, PLEASE DON’T BUY FROM WALMART.”

Shaun Harper called the commercializing of Juneteenth “racist”.

@Walmart commercializing and exploiting Juneteenth by selling these stupid decorations is a powerful case example of what I teach corporate leaders, business marketing professionals, and my MBA students NOT to do. It is racist.”

Stephanie Smith shares a picture of Great Value’s other new flavor “Pride” which is being released in time for Pride month. She also calls on Walmart to leave the commemorative ice cream to “Ben and Jerry’s”.

“So…they didn’t stop at a Juneteenth flavor. As my friend @marlonawalker said, leave the commemorative ice cream flavors to @benandjerrys There would at least be some type of call to action & focus grouped flavor. Also, what in the defund the arts graphic design is going on?”

Walmart has yet to comment on the backlash from social media, and though it appears to be a real item we haven’t been to independently verify that the ice cream is for sure, and if the story changes we will update.

We reached out to Walmart for comment and they have not yet responded.

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