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Over the weekend, Fox News host Mark Levin called out Democrats for pushing racism in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo. Levin “slammed media reports accusing Republicans of sharing the Buffalo shooter’s racist beliefs, arguing it was actually the media and the Democrats who have been pushing a racist immigration policy ‘for decades,’” Fox News reports.

“Why is a Democrat president and a Democrat congress and Democrat administration supporting wide open borders like no administration in modern American history?” he asked.

“You will find case, after case, after case, where the Democrat Party leadership and the media say exactly the same thing: ‘The browning or the blacking of America,’ ‘reducing the number of the white population.‘ I have said on my radio show for years. Why do they keep talking like this? I don’t talk like this? Why do they keep talking like this? That’s not the purpose of immigration, to change the complexion of America. What kind of racist nonsense is that?’ Well, that’s exactly what it is. Now if you raise a finger and say, ‘Wait, what are we doing here?’ Well, you might be a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi!”

Levin also took a shot at the Squad and its lies about Israel.

“‘The Squad’ keeps spreading lies about Jews and about Israel, they did so literally 48 hours after the Buffalo mass murder, and after he says in his so-called manifesto, that the Jews are behind all these things,” the host pointed out.

Watch the clip above.