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Leftist social justice investor George Soros appears to be holding tight to his 20 million shares of Rivian (RIVN), according to Q1 filings for 2022. We are unable to verify if he has made any moves since March 31st of this year.

In the last quarter of 2021, Soros invested over $2 billion in Rivian, acquiring 20 million shares. The price of the stock has dramatically fallen since he acquired those shares. The Q1 filing shows he hasn’t sold any of the shares and has even placed a bullish call option on Rivian. Meanwhile, Ford has started to sell off some of its shares of the electric vehicle maker, locking in some losses in its investment.

CNN Business has a median price target of $52 projected, this is more than 20 dollars below Rivian’s IPO price of $78 per share, and farther below recent highs.

Rivian delivered 1,227 vehicles in the first quarter of this year and has produced 2,553 vehicles in the same quarter. According to the company’s Q1 10-k filing, they don’t expect to turn a profit for some time.

“We do not expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future as we invest in our business, build capacity, and ramp up operations, and we cannot assure you that we will ever achieve or be able to maintain profitability in the future,” they shared in the filing.

However, Elon Musk’s company Tesla is profitable. With leftist activists like Bill Gates shorting the company instead of investing in the profitable EV company. It seems to be clear with all the backlash from the left Musk has faced for his move to purchase Twitter and take it private, that he didn’t fit in with the elitist left and they are placing their money elsewhere, even if it means losing billions of their own dollars just to “own” Mr. Musk.

Musk recently spoke out against George Soros and Bill Gates recently as well, in addition to criticisms he has had of META’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Musk recently tweeted this:

“Who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? Let’s investigate …

Interesting. I wonder if those funding these organizations are fully aware of what the organizations are doing.”

It’s hard to say what Soros plans to do with his Rivian investment. The entire stock market has been close to bear market territory. Musk has lost lots of implied value in his own stocks, but profitable companies are more likely to recover more quickly in the stock market during a rising interest rate environment.

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