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Alaska GOP Congressional candidate Sarah Palin took a break from her campaign to support Trump-endorsed David Perdue for governor at a press conference on Friday at the Savannah International Airport ahead of the Georgia primary on Tuesday.

Perdue announced her endorsement on Wednesday in a tweet where he said, “Proud to have @SarahPalinUSA’s endorsement and looking forward to having her join us in Savannah on Friday!”

In a statement, Palin said, “I believe David is the only candidate who can win the fight against (Stacey) Abrams, and that’s why I’m proud to endorse him.”

“David is an America First fighter with a proven record of results, and he will be an outstanding Governor of Georgia,” Palin declared.

At the campaign rally, Palin said the most significant issue heading into this race is election integrity and restoring people’s faith in the election process.

“The gal who feels like maybe her vote doesn’t count, that there isn’t integrity involved. We need to reverse that because a thought like that if it is collective, I mean that could destroy a country if they don’t have faith in their elections,” Palin insisted.

Perdue shared pictures of the event in a tweet and said, “Great to have my friend @SarahPalinUSA with us on the campaign trail in Savannah!”

“Sarah is an America First warrior, and I’m proud to have her support and endorsement. Get out and vote, Georgia! Together, we will take back our state and country,” Perdue explained.

It was also reported that early voting in the primaries ended Friday as well and an all-time high of more than 850,000 voters either cast a ballot in person or returned an absentee ballot.

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