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After the primary was settled last Tuesday, the focus now shifts to the general election for the Pennsylvania governor candidates.

The Democratic nominee, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, wasted no time as he appeared this morning on CNN’s “State of the Union” and attacked his America First GOP opponent, State Sen Doug Mastriano, lobbing as many adjectives as he could think of at him.

In a clip that was shared on the CNN’s Twitter feed, Shapiro referred to Mastriano as “Extreme”, “Dangerous”, and “Divisive.”

“He is extreme and he is dangerous. He would ban all abortion and jail doctors who perform it. He is, he was there on Jan. 6, and when the police told him to stop at the barricades, he kept marching. He is someone who wants to overturn not just the last election, but has made clear that he would pick the winner of the next one,” Shapiro claimed.

Shapiro also insisted that Mastriano, “Wants to make it illegal to have same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania. He thinks climate change is fake. He is a danger. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.”

“I’ve been focused on a future for Pennsylvania that grows our economy, that improves our schools, that makes sure that we have safe community. He’s been focused on re-litigating the past. He is dangerous and he is divisive,” Shapiro concluded.

Mastriano, for his part, recently retweeted a tweet that suggested, “Shapiro is legit using the McAuliffe strategy right out of last (year’s) Virginia Gubernatorial. It’s not going to end well for him.”

Virginia Democratic Gov nominee Terry McAuliffe tried to paint Virginia GOP Gov Glenn Youngkin in a similar light and ultimately ended up losing the 2021 election.

One Twitter user predicted that “If Doug Mastriano delivers, then we will have thousands of patriotic Americans moving to PA and we will transform the state into a permanent Republican bastion like Florida.”

“Let us pray @dougmastriano is a straight America First! shooter, like DeSantis!” another Twitter user added in a quote tweet.

Mastriano retweeted both tweets, signaling his approval.

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