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From the Telegraph, a story that sums up much that is wrong with the West. Calvin Robinson has been studying at Oxford for the last two years to become an Anglican priest. Robinson was scheduled to begin a curacy at a parish in London, but the post was denied him and he was told the church did not have a role for him. Why?

Mr Robinson submitted a subject access request (SAR) to the Church of England – asking the organisation for access to the personal information it held on him.

It was then that he discovered a series of internal emails between Church bosses raising concerns over his opinions on institutional racism in Britain.

In one email, the Rt Rev Rob Wickham, Bishop of Edmonton, voiced concerns to senior church leaders after Mr Robinson suggested Britain was not a racist country.

He wrote: “Calvin’s comments concern me about denying institutional racism in this country.”

It was also a problem that Robinson didn’t think the Church of England–in which he wanted to serve as a priest–is racist:

He alleges [the Bishop of London] told him: “As a white woman I can tell you that the Church is institutionally racist.”

So apparently you can’t work for the Anglican Church unless you think it is a racist organization. It doesn’t sound like an institution with a bright future.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Calvin Robinson is black. He is leaving the Church of England and joining a “breakaway conservative group” called the Global Anglican Future Conference.