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Body camera footage from Yuliia Paievska, a medic in the now-captured city of Mariupol, was revealed yesterday showing harrowing footage following weeks of Russian bombardment (warning—sensitive content). According to reports, nearly 256 gigabytes of video was smuggled out of the city, hidden inside a tampon. Paievska is believed to be alive but detained by Russian forces. 

In related news, the Red Cross said it had registered hundreds of Ukrainian fighters who had surrendered after holding out at Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant as prisoners of war. The effort is hoped to ensure humane treatment of the prisoners under the Geneva Conventions.

Separately, the Senate yesterday passed a $40B aid package for Ukraine by a vote of 86-11, providing military and economic aid to the country in its fight against Russia. The bill provides $6B to train and supply the Ukrainian military, $9B to backfill weapons and supplies already sent to the country, about $4B for intelligence gathering, and more.

The support comes in addition to almost $14B in aid passed by Congress in March. The nearly $54B in US support alone rivals Russia’s overall defense budget from 2021, which totaled $66B.  

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