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A woman has made a hearsay allegation against Elon Musk, claiming that on a company airplane in 2016, he exposed himself to and propositioned a flight attendant. The woman who made the claim says she is a friend of the flight attendant. It is alleged that Space-X paid the flight attendant $250,000 when she left the company.

Funny how that works: no one needed to know any of this until Musk undertook to buy Twitter and turn it into a free speech zone, and–horrors!–said he would be voting Republican in November. Now, suddenly, he is under attack on multiple fronts.

Musk has denied the allegations, but retains a sense of humor about being a target of the Left:

I don’t have any opinion on this “scandal,” except to note that it allegedly took place while Musk was a Democrat, so that gives it a certain surface plausibility.