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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she has absolutely no intention of losing the House to the GOP after the midterm elections in November. Pelosi made the comments during a Thursday press conference.

“I have absolutely no intention of the Democrats not winning the House in November.”

“I think that in terms of the work that this president has done, he’s been a great president. I don’t know about polls. But I do know about winning the races one district at a time,” she continued.

“When we won in ’18, we won 40 seats — 31 in Trump districts…He wasn’t on the ballot. I said, ‘Now comes the hard part cause he’s now on the ballot in 2020.’ So we lost about a third of those seats. But the ones who won are practically iron-clad.”

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Meanwhile, according to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) polling, Democrats are trailing Republicans on the generic ballot in battleground districts by 8 points.