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In response to a viral meme, Elon Musk insisted today in a tweet that he spends less than 5% of his time on the Twitter acquisition, while Tesla is on his mind 24/7.

The viral distracted boyfriend meme shows Musk as the boyfriend, Tesla as his girlfriend, and Twitter as the “hot woman” walking by.

“To be clear, I’m spending <5% (but actually) of my time on the Twitter acquisition. It ain’t rocket science!” Musk insisted.

Musk then explained, “Yesterday was Giga Texas, today is Starbase. Tesla is on my mind 24/7. So may seem like below, but not true.”

Earlier, Musk shared a distracted boyfriend meme that had S&P ESG INDEX as the boyfriend, TESLA as the girlfriend, and 6 OIL COMPANIES as the “hot woman” walking by.

It was recently reported that the S&P 500 removed Tesla from its ESG Index as part of an annual update to the list. 

The move came as a surprise considering that the index uses environmental, social, and governance data to rank and effectively recommend companies to investors.

An S&P spokesperson attempted to justify the move by stating that “While Tesla may be playing its part in taking fuel-powered cars off the road, it has fallen behind its peers when examined through a wider ESG lens.”

While Musk has said that the Twitter deal is “on hold,” Twitter Inc. executives told employees today that the $44 billion deal to sell the company to him is moving forward as planned and that they won’t renegotiate the agreed-upon price of $54.20 per share.

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