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Fox News’ Peter Doocy grilled White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre today about the reported “pause” of the “Disinformation board” during her daily press briefing.

During a clip that was shared by Breaking 911 in a tweet, Doocy asked, “If you think that the board was mischaracterized, the disinformation board is being shut down because of disinformation?”

“Is that what’s happening here?” Doocy wondered, incredulously.

Jean-Pierre responded, “Look the board was put forth for a purpose right, to make sure that we really did address what was happening across the country when it comes to disinformation.”

“It’s going to pause, there’s been a mischaracterization from outside forces. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to pause it and we’re going to do an assessment,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Jean-Pierre noted, though, that “The work doesn’t stop, we’re still going to continue to work, the DHS is going to continue to work.”

We reported earlier that the “pause” came after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mocked the board last week in a tweet.

The Bezos-owned Washington Post and its controversial “journalist” Taylor Lorenz was also the one to break the story initially as well.

Lorenz also credited Jack Posobiec for early tweets about the board that “shaped the narrative” of the board in an attempt to perhaps provide cover for it.

Posobiec responded to the “hit piece” in a tweet as he said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

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