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Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) spoke with Fox & Friends about the crisis at the southern border; Gonzales says, to fix the border, we need serious policy changes —and that starts with the White House.

“Secretary Mayorkas is a moron,” Gonzales says. “We’re tired of the shows. This is about the Democrats getting crushed in every poll and they’re trying to put on a show for the hispanics at the border.”

“Secretary Mayorkas has come to the border several times and every time he comes the situation gets worse —we don’t want him to come anymore,” Gonzales continues.

Gonzales says it’s “100% an open border” and says we need to keep Title 42 in place.

“Title 42 has to stay in place. We saw the numbers come out for April. You know, over half of those expulsions were due to Title 42,” he said.

“It is 100% a national security issue and everybody, regardless of party, should be focused on it. The last thing any of us would want to see is another 9/11-type event occurring in the United States due to our failed policies.”

“The reality is people from all over the world are coming into our country. They’re unvetted, and they’re going to all 50 states. They’re not staying in Texas or Arizona. They’re going absolutely everywhere. And it’s dangerous.”

More than 230,000 migrant encounters were logged at the southern border in April —a DHS record.

Watch the clip above.