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Whenever there’s a shooting that involves a White man, invariably the left will point to Fox News in general and Tucker Carlson in particular as the reason for the radicalization. They might mention the NRA, Donald Trump, or the Bible as further reasons White men sometimes go crazy and start shooting people, but Fox News seems to be the primary target for leftist anti-gun hatred.

The shooting in Buffalo that took at least 10 lives has already been declared by corporate media as “racially motivated.” That seems to be accurate, but here’s the reason I’m pointing it out. It will take corporate media days to report on motivations when non-White suspects commit murder or terrorism, but they’ll instantly report racism when a White man with a manifesto is involved.

Many leftists on social media started calling out Fox News and Tucker Carlson on cue. Unfortunately for their narrative, the manifesto left by the shooter specifically attacked Fox News. Generally, one does not attack those who motivate them. Donald Trump Jr. called one such accuser out:

The killer attacks Fox News in his manifesto. CNN is paying a guy to lie and politicize the deaths of 10 people while their bodies are still warm.

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Arthur Schwartz called out another:

The shooter specifically attacked Fox and conservatives in his manifesto. But if news outlets & political parties are responsible for mass killings can we blame your crowd for Waukesha & the NYC subway shootings?

This story will develop as it always does. There will be the initial narrative pushed by corporate media. Depending on how the facts play out, they will either continue to blast it out for weeks if the narrative supports their progressive ideology or they will quickly pretend like the shootings never happened if it breaks badly for them.

Will America-First News Outlets Make it to 2023?

Things are looking grim for conservative and populist news sites.

There’s something happening behind the scenes at several popular conservative news outlets. 2021 was bad, but 2022 is proving to be disastrous for news sites that aren’t “playing ball” with the corporate media narrative. It’s being said that advertisers are cracking down, forcing some of the biggest ad networks like Google and Yahoo to pull their inventory from conservative outlets. This has had two major effects. First, it has cooled most conservative outlets from discussing “taboo” topics like Pandemic Panic Theater, voter fraud, or The Great Reset. Second, it has isolated those ad networks that aren’t playing ball.

Certain topics are anathema for most ad networks. Speaking out against vaccines or vaccine mandates is a certain path to being demonetized. Highlighting voter fraud in the 2020 and future elections is another instant advertising death penalty. Throw in truthful stories about climate change hysteria, Critical Race Theory, and the border crisis and it’s easy to understand how difficult it is for America-First news outlets to spread the facts, share conservative opinions, and still pay the bills.

Without naming names, I have been told of several news outlets who have been forced to either consolidate with larger organizations or who have backed down on covering certain topics out of fear of being “canceled” by the ad networks. I get it. This is a business for many of us and it’s not very profitable. Those of us who do this for a living are often barely squeaking by, so loss of additional revenue can often mean being forced to make cuts. That means not being able to cover the topics properly. Its a Catch-22: Tell the truth and lose the money necessary to keep telling the truth, or avoid the truth and make enough money to survive. Those who have chosen survival simply aren’t able to spread the truth properly.

We will never avoid the truth. The Lord will provide if it is His will. Our job is simply to share the facts, spread the Gospel, and educate as many Americans as possible while exposing the forces of evil.

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JD Rucker

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