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Yesterday President Biden (or whoever tweets from his account) had this to say to people concerned about inflation:

Here’s a take from the Washington Post’s personal finance columnist that might make more sense than Biden’s economically illiterate tweet, but it’s hardly a permanent solution:

Glenn Greenwald had this to say:

For those who know their eighties movies, this is pretty much Thornton Melon’s advice to students in his graduation speech in “Back to School”:

Rents are rising at the fastest rates in decades, and house prices are surging, too. It’s time to embrace the economic truth that independent living at an early age may get in the way of achieving real financial security.

Understandably, not everyone can live at home. They’ve moved away for a job, or the home situation is too toxic or overcrowded. But space and sanity willing, consider the savings young adults could amass if they continued to live in the family home.

With inflation at a 40-year-high, it just makes economic sense for adult children to live at home for several years.

Overall, prices rose 8.3 percent in April compared with a year ago, according to the latest consumer price index summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Biden’s new slogan: Live With Your Parents Forever Back Better!

There is, however, a better way:

That sounds like a much more solid plan!

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