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Wisconsin Family Action’s offices were firebombed with Molotov cocktails a week ago now, in a story the MSM is completely ignoring while continuing to claim there’s no reason for Supreme Court Justices to feel threatened after being doxxed by a group that celebrated the attack and wants to see more.

Now they are getting HORRIFIC death threat voicemails, as CBN reported on Friday.

Not The Bee talked to them and obtained recordings from those voicemails. Here’s a small sample, but go to their site for the full video.



Do you see who it is that we are facing? Will the media every recognize this as wrong or evil? Or do they, like all Democrats, consider it totally fine and acceptable?

And if you know Democrats who don’t think it’s fine, who are pro life, who aren’t calling evil good and good evil, then tell them they are in THE WRONG PARTY. Play this audio at your church and let them know whose side they are on. Because if you vote Democrat, you vote for THIS.