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We all know why the Biden administration reacted the way it did to the idea of Elon Musk actually making Twitter an even-playing field and supporting free speech for everyone, but to see it in a thread like this really hits home. Jenin Younes spells it out in such a perfect and simple way.

The admin (not Biden, we’d be shocked if he knows what Twitter even is) wants to control what is and isn’t disinformation so they can continue to control the narrative.


Such a good word for it.

Most people (sane people) have always had some distrust in the federal government, but what they pulled with COVID … yeah, even people who ‘trusted’ them have their doubts now.

Their utter and deserved loss of public trust during the ‘pandemic’.


Oh, and we can’t forget the part our friends in the media played.

The Biden admin wants to control the narrative. That’s. It.

Especially when ‘the news’ has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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