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Josh Denny is a funny mo-fo who happened to host a gigantic food show on Food Network … until they figured out he’s a libertarian who doesn’t support the relentless slaughter of the unborn. They quickly ‘canceled’ him for it and went so far as to remove any of his episodes from their platform. Granted, this is the same Food Network that played identity politics on their latest Spring Baking Championship and outraged the majority of their audience by awarding a woman who should have been kicked off the show weeks earlier as their Spring Baking Champion.

She won with a cake that looked like it could have been purchased at any sad grocery store bakery.

Guess which identity boxes she checked off?

But we digress.

Denny wrote a thread about how exhausting it must be to be a woke comedian, and it’s gold, baby.

That freakin’ Elon Musk and his freakin’ dedication to freakin’ free speech! But hey, we really need to stop our addiction to fossil fuels and stuff.



Sorry, Patton just isn’t funny.

Keep going.

Absolutely relevant right now. Crazy relevant even.

Break off your penis and throw it away?

Ouch, dude.

But not inaccurate.


Straight. White. Virgin. Dorks.

Accurate for most woke comedians.

What Josh said. All of it.



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