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First, this is just stupid … it’s as bad as all of the “if men could get pregnant” and “if my vagina were an AR-15” takes. Second, it’s just not true. But it’s Ron Filipkowski, so it’s on-brand.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Jen Psaki assured us that President Joe Biden has been on top of the baby formula shortage for months now, even though deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters just yesterday there was no “point-person” heading up the response. Filipkowski thought it would be a great idea to bring guns into the equation, although we’d not that there never seems to be supply chain issues for birth control pills or condoms either.

Attention Nina Jankowicz … it seems as though we have some misinformation spreading online. Could you get someone who knows something about guns to “add context” to this tweet? Make sure to add something about President Biden sending 20 million rounds of ammo to Ukraine.


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