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So Democrats couldn’t even get to 50 votes in the Senate for their complete abortion-on-demand at any point for any reason bill, which was clearly written with the express political purpose of making it impossible for pro-choice Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to vote for it. The bill exposed the Democrats’ hostility toward religion with a clause that would have required Catholic (and other denominational) hospitals to perform abortions—so much for rights of conscience.

The text of the bill also dropped the term “woman” or “mother” in favor of gender-neutral terms like “patient,” “person,” or “individual.” Apparently bowing to the demands of Pennsylvania’s fraudulent “pro-life” Senator Bob Casey, the bill changed language in its findings section referring to abortion restrictions as a tool of “white supremacy” to “a tool of gender suppression.”

The time has clearly come to paraphrase Justice Anthony Kennedy: “At the heart of politics is the right of Democrats to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Another day, another podcast on my M. Stanton Evans biography, this time with “Anchoring Truths,” which is a product of Hadley Arkes’s James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the American Founding. Early in the conversation Michael Uhlmann’s name came up as someone who bore many similarities to Stan, and it wasn’t until after that I recalled that Mike and Stan were acquainted, and once debated together against Ernest van den Haag and Danny Boggs at a 1975 Philadelphia Society meeting on the resolution, “This house would immanentize the eschaton!” (Those were the days.)

Anyway, those of you can just can’t get enough, the podcast can be found here.

Bill Maher nails it on student loan forgiveness, but the best part is Paul Begala, a rather loathsome human being, admitting that Democrats have a lab in Berkeley and another in Brooklyn that are skilled at coming up with new ideas to drive away the working class.

Finally, speaking of Stan Evans and his great quip about always wanting to hear from Bono about every political issue before he can make up his mind, behold the Washington Post today: