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We’re not sure what the “right” to kill your unborn child has to do with your Second Amendment right to bear arms, but pro-aborts love them some gun analogies.

Lincoln Project alumna Rachel Bitecofer is no exception. Her Principled Conservatism™ has led her to this pivotal stage in her life, the stage in which she’s doing thought exercises that involve weaponizing her vagina — like, literally weaponizing it:

What about our fundamental right not to be subjected to brazenly intellectually dishonest arguments from deranged lefties like Rachel Bitecofer?

Joke’s on us: that right doesn’t exist. And neither does the “right” to kill someone for the crime of inconveniencing you. The Second Amendment, though … well, the right spelled out in the Second Amendment is as real as it gets.

That was an accident. She didn’t mean to do it.

We shudder to think of the kinds of attachments this vagina gun would come with.

Stay tuned … if Rachel Bitecofer doesn’t come up with a way to top it, someone else will soon enough.



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