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The Alpha News story by assistant editor Rose Williams flags some of the perceptive work by Ministry of Truth czar Nina Jankowicz. The story embeds the edited video below showing Madam Minitrue declaring stories that Ilhan Omar married her brother and Kamala Harris slept her way to the top forms of “domestic Russian disinformation.”

Looking around on YouTube, I take it that the video is edited from Jankowicz’s April 2021 Penn Law School program moderated by Alexandra A.K. Meiseon. The Penn Law School program with Jankowicz is posted here in its entirety. As of this morning, it shows 902 views. It is probably time for interested citizens to tune in.

Since August 2016 we have reported voluminous — I would say conclusive — direct and circumstantial evidence that Omar married her brother. My Somali friends who know the parties have confirmed it several times over. When the Star Tribune assigned two excellent reporters to review the evidence in its June 2019 story, they couldn’t find a single piece of evidence to support Omar’s indirect denial (i.e., imputation of bigotry to the paper for pursuing it). Thanks to Madam Minitrue, however, I am proud to be lumped in the same category as the New York Post in its work on Hunter Biden’s laptop.