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Elizabeth Warren is once again saying absolutely stupid things, this time while outraging over the fact that Schumer’s kabuki abortion failed to pass the Senate even though they already knew it wouldn’t.

Warren told CNN’s Manu Raju the she “doesn’t believe the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority wants to do”, claiming that’s no in the Constitution.

Of course she uses this as an excuse to argue for ending the Senate filibuster.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it was a majority of the Senate today who blocked the bill which the minority wanted to pass. The vote was 51-49, meaning a majority in the Senate defeated the bill. So what in the heck is she talking about?

Further, if Warren wants to argue that she’s referring to the Democratic majority in the Senate, well that’s wrong too. Democrats don’t have a majority. The Senate is 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans and Democrats only control the Senate because the Vice President is also a Democrat. Again, what in the heck is she talking about?

Furthermore, what happened in the Senate is the way it’s supposed to work and the way it’s been working for decades upon decades. If she really believes in ‘democracy’, as she claims, then why is she trying to destroy the Senate just so she can push through her radical agenda?

Because she doesn’t believe in democracy, at least when Democrats are in control. Warren and all of her Democrat colleagues believed in the filibuster and used the hell out of it to block Republican legislation under Trump. But now that her party barely controls the Senate, she’s wants authoritarian level power to push her agenda through because that’s what she is, an authoritarian.

Hey Pocahontas, if you want to pass your agenda then win more than 50 seats in November and stop trying to pass radical, partisan bills. Also, good luck with that.