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Trump-endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona Kari Lake is not going to let the conversation about the facts presented in 2000 Mules die out. In an interview with Newsmax, she redirected the conversation to make Dinesh D’Souza’s groundbreaking, eye-opening film the centerpiece of the discussion. On Newsmax.

And she said the draft was leaked as part of a coordinated effort to prevent coverage of the undeniable reality it reveals.

Newsmax and Fox News are under orders not to talk about the 2020 election or any of the facts in ‘2000 Mules’. They’ve been sued and sued over it by the left’s legal machinery. But Lake ambushed Schmitt with the bomb.

“I think it really is a way to detract from Dinesh D’Souza’s movie,” said Lake about the leak of the Roe draft.

Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is the media is burying “2000 Mules.” There have been a few half-hearted fake “Fact checks” to try to discredit it, but the fact that they aren’t making it a major story – even to try and debunk it – speaks for itself.

Lake is right: Candidates should NOT stop talking about it.