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Democrats WANT violence against the Supreme Court Justices. They are egging it on, hoping for it, endorsing it.

“What we’re seeing, these images are the latest manifestation of just how extreme, just how radical the Democratic Party is getting. This Democratic Party today, Joe Biden has handed the agenda over to the socialists. And not just the socialists, this is now the Marxists. This is now the communists,” said Tec Cruz to Sean Hannity.

“Today’s Democrat Party believes in violence. They believe in mob rule. They believe in intimidation. Just like Marxists and communists. They’re willing to burn our institutions to the ground to get what they want.”

Cruz and Hannity let Biden and the Democrats HAVE IT in this clip. It’s awesome and not getting near enough play on social media or other websites.

“This leak from the court is fundamentally destructive to the Supreme Court of the United States, to the rule of law and to our Constitution, and none of these Democrats care.”


“These thugs who docs the justices should be embarrassed and ashamed. And by the way, these are the same thugs that are firebombing pro-life outlets. These are the same thugs that are going into churches, disturbing churches. They hate faith. They hate God, they hate the Catholic Church. And it is disgusting to see Joe Biden and the entirety of the Democratic Party turn a blind eye.”

Amen to that.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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