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I received a disturbing tip this morning that Joe Biden’s green infrastructure initiatives are on the verge of total failure as wind farms and solar plants are falling desperately short of their targets ahead of a hot summer. This isn’t new as green energy production has failed miserably to meet demand for over a decade. But it’s especially troubling this year due to policies that have hampered our once-reliable fossil fuel energy production infrastructure.

A friend once told me that you have to try really hard to score zero on a test. He said that if you’re incompetent, you’ll still get some answers right. But with the Biden regime failing at pretty much everything they’ve done over the past year+, it couldn’t simply be incompetence. For the absolute failure they’ve brought upon the United States on multiple fronts means that this must be intentional.

But it isn’t just the Biden regime. What we’ve seen since even before the stolen 2020 election is coordination between Democrats and RINOs on Capitol Hill to gut every crucial aspect of our entire energy infrastructure. While most Americans focused on the election and Covid-19, the quiet but critical dismantling of our energy systems was underway, driven by Democrats but supported by an uncomfortable number of Republicans.

Now, we’re in serious trouble with diesel prices skyrocketing and production of electricity diminished ahead of what many are predicting to be a very hot summer. For the first time in decades, Americans may be forced in wholesale to ration energy usage. That bodes ill for those who require air conditioning and other electricity-dependent aspects of life in order to survive.

I’m still waiting for corroboration on the green report before posting the details, but what I can say now is that the green energy industry is covering up massive shortfalls in their production at the behest of the Biden regime. After cutting off many sources of fossil fuel energy production ahead of midterm elections, the last thing Democrats want is for the green initiatives they’ve been touting for years to blow up in their faces at the worst possible moment for the nation. This is why few in media, even those of us in conservative or alternative media, have caught wind of the green energy system collapse.

Once I have a secondary source, I’ll post the details. Usually I wait before even mentioning such a story, but considering the reliability of the long-time source and the seriousness of the issue, I felt compelled to mention it early. If it’s wrong, that’s a blessing and I’ll happily post a retraction. If it’s right, then things that already seem very bad are about to get much, much worse.

Here’s an article by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream that details what we’re seeing with diesel and electricity. This is one of the reasons that I earnestly recommend or people to start stocking up on emergency supplies. Our organic freeze-dried chicken product was just launched, so you can get your long-term meat supplies going as well. Here’s Michael…

Now We Are Being Warned That Shortages of Diesel Fuel and Electricity Are Coming in the Months Ahead

On top of everything else that is going wrong, shall we add a diesel fuel shortage and a nationwide electricity shortage to the equation?  I never imagined that I would be writing about such things in the middle of 2022, but here we are.

I will discuss the potential electricity shortage in a moment, but first I want people to understand how serious a widespread diesel shortage would be.  Without diesel, our trains and trucks don’t run, and if they don’t run America’s supply chains completely and utterly collapse.  So even a moderate shortage would be absolutely paralyzing for the U.S. economy.  Unfortunately, supplies are rapidly dwindling and we are being warned that a “global diesel shortage that will shock people” could begin as soon as next month

We are looking at a nightmare in terms of global diesel shortage that will shock people starting June.

Diesel inventory on the east coast is 18 million (About 3 days demand) as of today, we will run down to sub 10 million.

Let us hope that a way can be found to keep all of our trains and all of our trucks running.

But even if an unprecedented supply crunch can be averted, everyone agrees that the price of diesel is going to be going way up

Diesel prices are surging, contributing to inflationary headwinds due to the fuel’s vital role in the American and global economy. Tankers, trains and trucks all run on diesel. The fuel is also used across industries including farming, manufacturing, metals and mining.

“Diesel is the fuel that powers the economy,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. Higher prices are “certainly going to translate into more expensive goods,” he said, since these higher fuel costs will be passed along to consumers. “Especially at the grocery store, the hardware store, anywhere you shop.”

Meanwhile, we are also being warned of “potential electricity shortages” in the United States in the months ahead…

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator, or MISO, operating in 15 states across the US Central region, said last month that capacity shortages this summer due to soaring summer demand might result in outages. Last Friday, California Independent System Operator, or California ISO, outlined energy shortfalls this summer because of heat and wildfires. Texas over the weekend saw triple-digit temperatures in some portions of the state, though grid stability was maintained despite several power plants being offline for maintenance.

WSJ explains grid instability and increased risk of power shortages this summer comes as fossil fuel power plants are “being retired more quickly than they can be replaced by renewable energy and battery storage.” Power grids are racing to retire conventional power plants fueled by natural gas, coal, and diesel to green forms of energy, such as solar power and wind. There’s also the retirement of aging nuclear power plants.

Why are we “racing” to retire conventional power facilities in the midst of a growing global energy crisis?

That doesn’t make any sense at all.

It seems that we have a long, hot summer ahead of us, and major blackouts could apparently happen at any moment.

And of course this all comes at a time when tensions are rising all over the country and anger is starting to boil over because of the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade.

I warned that we would see violence, and it has already started to erupt.  On Tuesday, a Catholic facility in Colorado was “vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti”

The Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado was vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti again Tuesday, the second time in less than a year.

Abortion activists targeted the church after news broke of a leaked draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court that overturns Roe v. Wade. Pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life advocates also have been the targets of vandalism, violence and harassment this week.

Spraying graffiti everywhere is certainly not nice, but it won’t kill or injure anyone.

However, firebombing the headquarters of a pro-life group could definitely injure or kill people, and that just happened in Madison, Wisconsin

Radical abortion activists have firebombed a pro-life group’s office in Madison, Wisconsin. A leftist radical threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s office in the capital city and a picture of the destruction shows the office heavily damaged from the bomb.

Apparently at least one Molotov cocktail was used in the attack, and whoever did this left a very chilling message

OurGoldGuy 3

Arriving at the office at 2801 International Lane at the same time as a reporter, Appling and group event coordinator Diane Westphall found shattered glass from a broken window covering a corner office riddled with burned books. The smell of smoke persisted for hours after the fire, which damaged the corner office carpet and the wall beneath the window.

The outside of the building also was sprayed with graffiti depicting an anarchy symbol, a coded anti-police slogan and the phrase, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

Then on Sunday, another firebombing was reported at the offices of Oregon Right to Life…

This second attack has occurred in Salem, Oregon as radical leftists targeted Oregon Right to Life, a longtime pro-life organization.

In the late evening on Sunday, May 8, the offices of Oregon Right to Life were attacked. An individual used incendiary devices, one of which exploded and caught the building on fire. The office was vacant at the time, and no one was harmed. Fire and police departments responded quickly, minimizing damage to the building. The agencies are actively investigating the incident.

So why didn’t the big corporate news networks devote endless coverage to these attacks?

I think that we all know why.

Of course if pro-abortion facilities had been attacked, it would have been top news for days.

Before I end this article, there is one more very disturbing incident that I wanted to mention…

A Texas-based pro-life activist organization received a new bomb threat against one of its offices, allegedly due to its support for the state’s controversial heartbeat abortion ban restricting abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

Texas Right to Life released a statement Monday explaining that its legislative office in Austin had received a bomb threat that morning.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

If Roe v. Wade is actually formally overturned, the violence will get a lot worse.

The stage is being set for the sort of “internal revolution” that radical leftists have been talking about for years.

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As I have been warning about for a very long time, great civil unrest is coming to this nation.

So let us pray for peace, but let us also be aware that there are lots of very angry and very violent people out there right now.

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