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Actress Fran Drescher is convinced that being raped at gunpoint during a home invasion in 1985 led to her cancer diagnosis.

The 64-year-old star told Page Six that she believes the trauma of that experience contributed to other adverse outcomes in her life, including being diagnosed with cancer 15 years later.

“I experienced trauma as a rape victim and for years I really didn’t dive into how it impacted me emotionally, I just kind of got on with my life,” she told the publication at the book launch for “N is for The Nanny” recently. 

“I think, it’s, you know, not a coincidence that I didn’t deal with being raped and ended up with gynecological cancer.”

Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 and subsequently underwent an immediate radical hysterectomy after being misdiagnosed by medical professionals for years. The “Hotel Transylvania” alum also told Page Six that she thinks “toxic exposure” was a reason she had cancer and why so many Americans are at risk for the same.

“Americans are in a revolving door of toxic exposure, chronic illness and drug dependency,” she explained. Drescher recommended Americans should “break the shackles” and “start really examining what is weakening our immune system, why our bodies are reacting in a way that’s chronic illness.”

Her cancer experience led the actress to found the non-profit, Cancer Schmancer, in 2007. She said her “passion” and “life mission” is “trying to have the American public, and the world for that matter, pivot from trying to fix and end symptoms, to pivot and ask ourselves, ‘What are we doing in our lives that’s making us so sick in the first place?’”

Drescher expressed that she believed “we all have to get out of the chemical business” and return to a time when ingredients came from “your grandma’s garden.”

“Strong smelling things, wrinkle-free fabrics, industrially farmed food, personal care items that are filled with chemicals,” the veteran actress asserted.

“Our lifestyle is making us a very sick nation,” Drescher said during a speech at the 2016 SmartWomen Luncheon & Expo. 

“We need to dial it back to a time when it was cleaner and more natural. Our website is filled with information, videos, and resources about how to do this. We want to give people, especially the next generation, the tools to start making different choices.”

“I want to blow everyone’s mind by how much they don’t know about their bodies and their health,” the actress continued. “Women have been very appreciative of the proactive, singular voice that our movement brings.”