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Today, Vicky White and inmate Casey White were captured after an 11-day manhunt. It was recently reported that Vicky has succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound this evening.

Vicky reportedly shot herself in the head when it became apparent that the pair would be apprehended earlier today.

Vicky was the assistant director of corrections of the Lauderdale County jail, up until she was fired for assisting in the escape of inmate Casey White. Casey is a capital murder suspect who was an inmate at the jail Vicky worked at.

Since the pair disappeared on April 29th investigations have revealed that the pair may have been in a relationship over the last two years. Vicky had announced she was retiring but had not finished her paperwork before the disappearance and was since fired.

On April 18th, Vicky had sold her home for well under market value and according to reports she had also recently acquired an AR-15.

During the apprehension, Casey sustained minor injuries but has been taken into custody.

We reported earlier on their capture:

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