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Elon Musk was asked about reversing President Trump’s permanent Twitter ban today during a live interview.

Musk responded that, assuming his purchase of Twitter goes through, he will indeed reverse Trump’s Twitter ban:

Here’s a longer version:

Musk said that he doesn’t feel there should be any permanent bans on Twitter and added that Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, agrees with him on this.

He also notes that he feels that Twitter banning Trump was a mistake, pointing out that it didn’t take Trump’s voice away because he and a large segment of Americans will be using Truth Social.

I’ve said recently that regardless of whether Trump ever uses that platform again, his account should be reinstated because that’s the right thing to do. I’m very glad to hear Musk say this.

Which means that MTG’s account will also be reinstated, as well as many others. That’s the way it should be.

I’m sure, however, that this statement from Musk will make leftists work even harder to try and keep this deal from finalizing.