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During a recent episode of Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin, host Mark Levin blasted the New York Times’ history of awful Holocaust coverage, telling viewers to stop reading the rag as it’s “worse than fake news.”

Levin read excerpts from his book Unfreedom of the Press:

“Surely the New York Times, with its wide reach, resources, access to foreign sources of information, reputation as the foremost newspaper in the country, large Jewish readership and its Jewish ownership would do everything possible to investigate and disclose the horror of Jewish genocide,” Levin said. “But the opposite was true.”

“It’s worse than fake news. It tried to take down an elected president, Donald Trump. It tried to push him out of office, supported both impeachments, supported criminal investigation, still supports these various prosecutors who are investigating the former president. And on and on and on. [It has also pushed] [t]he 1619 project, which seeks to undermine our nation’s history.”

Watch the clip above.