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Was David Frum always this insufferable? Yeah? Thought so.

So one of the more popular whining points going around social media is that SCOTUS justices lied under oath about Roe.  Yeah yeah, we know, they’re going to try everything they can to keep the court from doing its job (or to milk this for as much political posturing as possible) but c’mon, this is a stretch and someone like David should know better.

Then again, maybe not.

He was only right about one of his points.

Ted Frank was good enough to take a moment from his day and debunk Dumb-Frum:

OOOOOH, that’s right.

Kagan said there was no constitutional right to gay marriage, yet voted to make gay marriage a right.

Sotomayor said Keller was constitutional law and then voted to overturn it.

But you know, it’s PERJURY or something when right-leaning judges do it.

These people.

Ted continued:

And boom.

Aww, good times.

What he said.

So Dave is wrong.


Sorry, not sorry Dave.



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