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On the eve of a scaled-down Victory Day celebration, the parade of coffins of Russian soldiers returning from Ukraine reveal the true scale and toll of Putin’s illegal “Special Military Operation.” —Michael

PUTIN AND THE MAY 9 VICTORY DAY SCENARIOS Stavros Atlamazoglou, Sandboxx

Russian campaign assessment — MASON CLARK ET AL., ISW

Russia Getting Hammered By Pro-Ukrainian Hackers Mehul Srivastava, Ars Technica

Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers. I send a loving shout out to my daughter, mother of 3, and my daughter-in-law, mother of two. Will all the grandkids under the age of 6, you girls certainly have your work cut out for today’s world. —Melissa

Can We Still Call It Mother’s Day?Carrie Lukas, The Daily Caller

A Mother’s Day Eulogy I Should Have Written 10 Years AgoLee Habeeb, Newsweek

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