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I’ve got a great new business opportunity for someone: reversible protest signs. One side reads, “Down with Elon Musk!” The other side reads, “Down with the Supreme Court!” Call the enterprise “Sustainable Protest Supplies,” but make sure you use recycled paperboard. Incidentally, one of Stan Evans’s old Monday Club jokes ran: “Bob Dole has come out for reversing Roe v. Wade. He wants it to be Wade v. Roe.” A more biting quip of his that comes back to mind this week: “It’s a good thing Capitol Hill Republicans are pro-life, since they spend so much time in the fetal position.”

But I was told men *can* get pregnant…

Headlines of the week:

This is why I prefer private theologians.. .

A Keith Richards sighting!

The crossover show America needs. . .

And finally. . . a crossover pic this week: