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Geraldo Rivera, who often co-hosts Fox News’ “The Five,” claimed today that the United States needs “more immigrants” because the “economy is effectively at full-employment.”

Rivera referenced the recent unemployment report, which held steady at 3.6 percent while 428,000 jobs were added.

In a tweet, Rivera declared, “At 3.6% our economy is effectively at full-employment. There are 10 million open jobs in America.”

“Our economy needs more workers to continue expanding. You know what could come in handy? We need more immigrants,” Rivera insisted.

Many who responded, however, were unconvinced by Rivera’s argument.

One Twitter user lectured, “Imagine if the last 20-30 years of abortions hadn’t happened, and those young people lived…and worked.”

On Wednesday, we reported that on “The Five,” Rivera lost his cool on co-host Greg Gutfeld during a discussion about abortion.

A clip shared by “Acyn” shared in a tweet began with Gutfeld lobbying that the potential move should be “something to celebrate, something to cherish, right? The unborn.”

“That’s baloney,” Rivera interjected before mocking Gutfeld, “Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates.”

Twitter user Bryan Gaines took a different approach and pointed out, “The unemployment calculation has been reformulated to completely ignore workforce participation.”

“If you used the unemployment formulation that was used in the 1970’s, our current (un)employment would be above 12 %.”

Another Twitter user responded, “Do you mean opening the border flood gates hasn’t filled those open positions? Serillllyyyyy.”

While Rivera didn’t specifically reference the situation at the southern border, most who discuss more legal immigrants, feel like that would be the first place to begin.

During the Trump administration, Forbes reported that even legal immigration was cut in half as most categories were blocked.

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