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We’d thought we’d settled on the fact that you’re born gay, you’re not made that way. So we’re not entirely sure what to make of this fourth-grade teacher who takes credit for a lot of fifth-graders who had her for a teacher being queer. “A lot of them are queer because I am queer,” she says. Apparently, she’s their “safe space,” and they like to visit her classroom after school to play “Queer Guess Who.” We see a lot of teachers featured by Libs of TikTok who seem to have the attitude that the kids’ parents are a danger to them, and when they’re in school, they’re your parents now. President Biden, remembering when he used to “teach classes” at the University of Pennsylvania, recently told a group of teachers that children are “like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

Just an aside: Is everyone on TikTok on something? What’s with all the goofy faces and dilated pupils and helium voices?

Just seeing teachers talking to each other after school had let out was weird. What were they talking about? Now it looks like they just stay behind and hang out with the children and play Queer Guess Who.


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