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International data show that the Chinese government’s ongoing lockdown of Shanghai is precipitously driving up shipping delays around the world, risking further supply chain disruptions at a time when global commerce networks are already fragile.

Data from Project 44, a “supply chain visibility platform,” shows that “shipment delays between China and major US and European ports have quadrupled since late March, when China shut down the city of Shanghai, which has the world’s busiest container port,” according to CNN.

By the end of last month ships from China to Seattle were taking on average four days longer to arrive, compared to one day in March. 

Shanghai’s lockdown came as China in early March began reporting a skyrocketing number of cases there, a jump which came after the communist-run country had reported extremely low case numbers for over two years. 

Josh Brazil, the director of supply chain data insights at Project 44, told CNN that delays will “continue into the summer months” due to China’s commitment to locking down the major port city.