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The left is completely enraged right now over the leaked Roe v Wade decision at the Supreme Court and are calling on activists everywhere to protest at the homes of the Supreme Court justices and at Catholic churches nationwide.

With that backdrop you’d think that CNN would be warning of violence regarding these left-wing groups mobilizing protesters.

No, CNN is more worried about violence from the ‘far-right’:

What’s amazing is that the CNN reporter giving this report actually says there are ‘no credible threats’ from the ‘far-right’. but claims that because of January 6th, law enforcement is closely monitoring social media.

In the past few years we’ve seen terrible violence from far-left groups like BLM and Antifa and I think that could absolutely repeat itself over this potential decision. But instead of reporting on that, CNN worries about abortion clinics being targeted or something.

This is why CNN is the ‘fake news’ leader among the networks. They are as ridiculous as it comes.