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It’s particularly satisfying to see someone as self-consciously woke as California Governor Gavin Newsom hoisted by his own trans-petard.

But holding so many contradictory and idiotic opinions in your head at the same time will do that to you.

It’s been a basic far-left talking point about transgender people that men can get pregnant too. Also, men can have periods, and all men stand up to urinate, although not many lefties mention that.

But in his eagerness to stand with women in their battle to keep killing their babies, Newsom forgot that liberal shibboleth and actually uttered the truth.

The reaction on the right was immediate — and savage.

Fox News:

“Ummm. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but men have periods and men can get pregnant,” tweeted RedState deputy editor Kira Davis. “I didn’t make the rules, I’m just reminding you of your own.”

Pro-life activist and former NFL player Benjamin Watson tweeted, “It must be incredibly exhausting to be required to constantly remember which men can and which men can’t get pregnant.”

MRCTV commentator Brittany Hughes slammed Newsom’s tweet, writing, “How quickly the left is to abandon their ‘non-binary’ soapbox the moment it’s no longer convenient. It’s all political theater with these fools.”

“Political theater,” indeed. One would have to be brain dead to actually believe that men can get pregnant. But the left doesn’t believe that. They pretend to believe it because the nonsense about men being women supports the idea that there are no boundaries, no rules — sociological or scientific — that have to be followed. It’s the ultimate revolt against society, and the left embraces it.

The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens asked, “Wait…men can’t get pregnant now?” The commentator included a “pregnant man” emoji in her tweet as well.

Conservative activist Kyle Kashuv, for one, was grateful that someone on the left had spoken the truth, “Thank you Gavin Newsom. Very true. Men cannot get pregnant!”

Others sarcastically accused the governor of being a “transphobe.”

“Men can get pregnant you disgusting transphobe,” GOP strategist Greg Price tweeted mockingly to Newsom. Podcaster and radio host Sebastian Gorka similarly tweeted, “Governor Transphobe.”

You can be sure the governor won’t make this mistake again.