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Today is the National Day of Prayer and Governor Ron DeSantis, whose wife has been battling cancer for the last year, has a message for you.

Watch below:

The message from DeSantis is simple: Prayer works. He says his family has felt the power of prayer and those prayers have been answered as his wife is now cancer free.

There’s much more to his message so be sure and watch the video.

I’ve shared with some of you in the comments that I’ve recently been diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer, which means the cancer has spread to a couple of lymph nodes down yonder. They found it in a routine colonoscopy last month and, like Florida’s First Lady, I’ll be going through chemo and radiation treatments and will probably need surgery after all of that is done. I have no idea what this journey holds for me, but I fully expect to be cancer free in a year or so.

Many of you have offered your prayers for me and I can’t thank you enough. Prayer is powerful and the reason it works is because we have a God who is not only real, but is ever loving and merciful. That’s the most important thing in our universe.

I wish you a happy and prayerful National Day of Prayer.