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The image of a wall on the southern U.S. border has become a kind of national Rorschach test. Those in favor see a long-overdue tool to reduce the further erosion of our country from unchecked illegal immigration. People opposed see an ugly, wasteful symbol of our purported xenophobic instinct to deny a lifeline to people who are different from us. They can’t both be right.

After a lengthy full-court press of anti-wall rhetoric by open-borders politicians, media, and activist groups, America is seeing their argument rebutted by reality. For all its spectacular failures, the Biden Administration has inadvertently succeeded in proving we desperately need a fortified barrier at our southern border.

The Biden immigration plan has played out like a theoretical question from the faculty lounge, tragically and in real-time. What would happen if we abandoned virtually all restrictions on immigration in Texas and the other border states? The answer has been unfathomable suffering by migrants, border enforcement personnel, and residents of affected communities. By reducing the lure of easy entry, a completed border wall unquestionably would have reduced the suffering of all concerned.

When Donald Trump was advocating an effective border wall, one of the loudest objections was that the financial […]

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