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The latest argument in defense of baby murder is that people don’t truly believe fetuses are people because nobody has funerals for miscarriages.

That’s the argument put forward by someone who claims to have been seen on the Late Show with Colbert and Portlandia and it’s the weirdest and dumbest argument I’ve ever seen in defense of baby murder.

Actually some people do have funerals for their child who died in a miscarriage. And for most if not all who grieve, it’s a very personal and profound loss to have to deal with. And these mothers and fathers grieve because they DO BELIEVE it is a person. It is their child. They aren’t lying about it.

Miscarriages are suicide? That doesn’t even make sense. Why would anyone ever call a miscarriage suicide? The baby isn’t terminating it’s own life, something external or internal to its body causes it to dies.

This guy should have never opened this mouth because we all see what a moron he is now.

God doesn’t kill these children. This guy has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. He’s clearly out of his depth.

How would anyone reduce miscarriages by passing laws? Seriously, this guy is must making stuff up at this point. Miscarriages most often happen naturally. They can be brought on by abuses of drugs or alcohol or external trauma. But to suggest that because people are lying because they aren’t rallying to pass laws against miscarriages is, to be frank, dumb as hell.

This guy knows nothing about miscarriages so how would he know if they’re devastating or not? The entire reason the are devastating is because it’s the loss of a life, the loss of a child. And the reason people don’t talk much about them is BECAUSE they are devastating. It’s very personal and profound. I can’t imagine suffering that way and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Here’s a little reaction I saw to his tweets: