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Democratic Senator Tim Ryan was put on the spot by Bret Baier about whether he wants the leader of his party, Joe Biden, to come and campaign for him as he tries to defeat JD Vance in November.

Ryan tried to avoid answering the question, but Baier wouldn’t let him:

It’s absolutely clear that Ryan doesn’t want Joe Biden anywhere near his state during his campaign.

Ryan claims he wants to be the face of his campaign, saying he doesn’t want anyone to prop him up and that he doesn’t want any distractions. That’s right, Joe Biden would be a distraction.

That’s really telling on just how much the American people loathe the current president*, that he’s become toxic to even his own party.

To emphasize this point, a CNN poll that came out today shows a majority of Americans blame Biden for making the economy worse:

Yep, it’s going to be a political bloodbath in November and this potential Roe v Wade decision probably won’t help Democrats as much as they hope…