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Last night Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage while he was doing his stand up act in Los Angeles at the Netflix is a Joke festival.

He was tackled by a ticket holder in the middle of his comedy act who was armed with a weapon which can eject a knife blade.

The videos are tough to follow but there is one that shows the tackle really well:

Here’s another video of the attack. Reportedly Jamie Foxx ran on stage to help Chappelle and Chris Rock was there too, who joked “Was that Will Smith?”

Here’s one more:

It was being filmed by Netflix so no one was allowed to have cameras, which is why there isn’t good camera footage of the attack.

But there is pretty good footage of the dude who attacked Chappelle and his arm is all sorts of out of whack:

Here’s a report by Fox News if you want more. They report that police say the attacker is behind bars this morning: