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Politico has published a Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v Wade.  —Michael

Dementia Joe Does Roe —Scott Johnson, Powerline

The End of the Road for Roe? —Ben Shapiro, Jewish World Review

Alito’s draft is a good one — JEFF JACOBY, PUNDICITY

Alito Makes Masterful Argument to ‘Overturn’ Roe v. WadeEd Whelan, NY Post

What Americans Really Think About Abortion Alexandra DeSanctis, National Review

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Selected opinions and news today:

A Big Night for Vance and TrumpSusan Crabtree, RealClearPolitics

Hillary Clinton and the Durham InquiryHolman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal

It’s Time for States to Bury the ‘Death Tax’ – Regina Egea, RealClearPolicy

Supply vs. Demand Is the Most Oversold Notion In EconomicsJohn Tamny, RCM

Why a Nuclear South Korea Might Be the Best OptionRobert Kelly, 1945

Don’t Swap Your Gas-Guzzler for an Electric Vehicle to Avoid High Fuel Prices. Craig Cole, CNET

How Coronavirus Is Getting Closer to FluMegan Molteni, STAT

Good Question!JOHN HINDERAKER, Powerline Via InstaPundit, a good question about the Supreme Court leak: