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Are you a Christian who enjoys playing board games with friends and family, but are tired of playing games made by godless pagans? Here are some great Christian alternatives to the secular games you’re used to. Try them all!

1. Instead of Risk, try the Christian alternative Sovereignty: Just like Risk, except the whole time you acknowledge the sovereignty of God in every decision and roll of the dice. Neat!

2. Instead of Clue, try Clue: New Testament Edition: You try to solve who killed Jesus, and the answer is always you. With your sin. 

3. Instead of Operation, try Essential Oils: The only operation you will ever need. 

4. Instead of Twister, try Saving Room For Jesus: An exciting party game where everyone gets a chance to practice chastity before marriage. Yay!

5. Instead of Life, try John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life: The Board Game: Compete with your friends to spend every moment glorifying God and enjoying him forever! 

6. Instead of UNO Attack, try UNO Turn The Other Cheek: Lots of fun slapping involved. Sanctifying! 

7. Instead of Scrabble, try Scrabble using only the letters J-E-S-U-S: And no, “sus” isn’t a word. 

8. Instead of playing cards on Sunday, try repenting: Repent, sinner! 

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