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Joe Biden just trashed the Trump movement as ‘the most extreme political group in recent history’ in front of the nation today.


Biden is smearing the ‘MAGA crowd’ because of the recent leak that tells us the Supreme Court is about to strike down Roe v Wade.

When you listen to the fuller context, you realize he’s not just talking about the people who rioted in the Capitol on January 6th. No, he’s referring to Republican legislatures around the country and he’s referring the justices on the Supreme Court who are part of this vote.

Here’s an even longer video of his answer from beginning to end:

This is absurd on its face.

The most extreme political group is his own radical leftist party, the Democrat Party, who wants to murder unborn babies and replace police officers with social workers.

Joe Biden is just a lying jerk who doesn’t look anything close to the Catholic Christian he espouses to be.