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Common ground often exists on issues where you’d least expect it. Abortion is no exception.

According to major pollsters, legality of and access to abortions is as divisive an issue as there is in the U.S. Americans are closely divided over whether a pregnant woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion if she wants one for any reason, with some polls suggesting divides as close as 50% yes/50% no between the American public.

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But within that broader debate are many areas of agreement. Here are a few examples of data and stories to support that:

  • A 2022 op-ed from Wall Street Journal’s opinion section (Lean Right bias) highlighted an abortion provider and a pro-life lawyer who jointly argue for the public to find agreement on aid for pregnant women addicted to drugs; treatment and follow-up care for crack-cocaine babies; reducing teen pregnancy; increasing the availability of pre-natal and post-natal care; and providing financial assistance for single-parent households.
  • 2021 data from Associated Press (Center) and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 61% of Americans say abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances in the first trimester of a pregnancy. 65% said abortion should usually be illegal in the second trimester, and 80% said that about the third trimester.
  • 2018 data from Gallup (Center bias) says that 83% think abortion should be legal in the first trimester when the woman’s life is endangered, and 77% think first-trimester abortions should be legal when the pregnancy is the result of rape.
  • 2011 data from Gallup found that large percentages of the U.S. population are in favor of requiring informed consent for women (86% of pro-choice adults and 87% who are pro-life) and making abortion illegal in the third trimester (79% of pro-choice adults and 94% of pro-life adults).

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