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Editor’s Commentary: With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy and even expected that many patriotic Americans have dropped their focus on Pandemic Panic Theater in general and the push for universal vaccines in particular. It feels like we’re finally winning the information battle because far fewer people are getting jabbed today than before.

It would be a tremendous mistake to let up now for several reasons, the most pressing being that Pandemic Panic Theater isn’t really over. The powers-that-be appear to be in the process of resetting the agenda and reloading their ammunition. Notable vaxx-nannies like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have reemerged to “warn” us about future variants. This is a common tactic used by the globalist elites to prepare the masses for an upcoming planned event. If I’m reading the tea leaves properly, I would expect a “new variant,” case surge, or new disease altogether to be launched within the next few months, likely just before the midterm elections.

We have to continue to keep the pressure up and the information flowing. These shots and future iterations of them are very dangerous, as we’ve documented ad nauseam on this site and others throughout our network. Articles like the one below by S.D. Wells at Natural News need far more exposure than they usually get because the masses are still in the dark about the real motivations behind the jabs. We’ve tried to warn, but these warnings often fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, we continue to ring the alarm bells and we ask others to do the same.

On a side note, one of our sponsors, Dr. Zev Zelenko, believes that his Z-DTox formula can help those who have either been jabbed or who may have been “shedded” upon by jabbed people around them. It behooves our audience to take a look and consider taking these nutraceuticals now as the upcoming push for more injections is going to make it harder to stay safe and healthy. Here’s the article by S.D. Wells…

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An arterial embolism is a deep blood clot that requires hospitalization and costs about $100,000 or more because it requires bypass surgery. There is an entirely NEW revenue model from blood clots caused by the COVID “vaccines,” and Big Pharma companies are not only taking advantage of the profit scheme, but may have known it was coming before the “clot shots” were even rushed out “emergency” style.

One company, for example, Royal Philips, has expanded significantly into the market of PMT devices (percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy) for removing clots from peripheral and coronary vessels, and their massive “investments” began in August of 2020, right before the “pandemic” hit, including the mad, mad rush to get “vaccinated” for Wuhan Flu. Coincidence?

Did Royal Philips, a global health tech company, know in advance that COVID “vaccines” cause blood clots when they invested heavily in PMT in 2020?

Percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy (PMT) devices are increasingly being used to treat blood clots caused by Pfizer, Moderna and J&J coronavirus “vaccines.” This type of blood clot removal is a faster treatment option than the traditional CDT (catheter-directed thrombolysis) or lytic (thrombolytic) procedures. Yes, the “image-guided” blood clot therapy business is skyrocketing, and certain companies are all over it, making a fortune, while buying out other companies and investing heavily in specific equipment and implantable devices, and thus expanding their “portfolio.”

Philips acquired Intact Vascular in the third quarter of 2020 with $275 million in cash and another $85 million after completion, expanding the company’s blood clot tech business just in time for the apocalyptic rush of mysterious blood clot incidents following the mass (forced) vaccination program across the nation. Now, just like the pacemaker market, the blood clot tech market is taking off. Who knew about all the myocarditis and blood clot side effects of the vaccines before they even came out?

Blood clot implant devices leave “less metal” behind compared to stents when it comes to treating vaccine-induced blood clots

There’s big money in treating blood clots, so why not capitalize early on a wave of blood clots that come from getting gene therapy injections for Wuhan Virus? After all, America is built on capitalism. The patient population that needs blood clot therapy has exponentially expanded, including young healthy people, athletes, military members and even children, thanks to the Fauci Flu clot shots. There are aspiration pumps and catheters for those hard to reach clots in peripheral veins and arteries. Big Pharma’s got you covered. They planned well for it. The FDA cleared the whole industry for pre-pandemic “take off.”

Has your doctor spoken to you about “interventional imaging” and “guidance systems” to find those nagging blood clots and “spike protein deposits” you got from the nanoparticle clot shots? Philips struck a $360 million dollar deal in the third quarter of 2020 to “take care” of these kinds of problems. All the pharma gurus seemed to know that blood clot machines and technology would be a skyrocketing business for the tech industry as COVID vaccine injuries took a grip on the world.

Cause and Effect: Vaccinate the world with clot shots, then treat expensive blood clots with “new technology” and make a fortune

Funeral directors and embalmers around the world have taken notice of the massive uptick in human bodies riddled with “unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials” and “rubbery blood clots” that completely fill the vascular system and totally clog the arteries and veins of the deceased. They’re screaming for the world to stop injecting everyone with these COVID-19 “vaccines” that appear to be the direct cause.

These are not typical blood clots either, they are described as compounded clots with long, stringy, white, elastic structures, where typically a blood clot is smooth. Are these blood clots “manufactured” by the Fauci Flu shots and engineered to make Big Pharma richer through new technology to treat the damage they’ve created? Over 70 percent of newly embalmed bodies are riddled with these rubbery blood clots, and these are “fully vaccinated” people. Coincidence? We think not.

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Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental Covid “vaccines” that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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