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I have a simple theory about why Donald Trump ended up running and governing as a conservative, after a lifetime of inconsistent views that much of the time aligned him with liberal Democrats. Startled by the vicious reaction of the media and the left after he said some mean things about Obama and illegal immigrants, he decided to throw in fully with conservatives, who were willing to be (mostly) more loyal.

I wonder if the same thing is happening to Elon Musk. His ideological and political history is similarly murky and unsound at many points in the past (and present), but as he sees the hysterical reaction of the media and the left to his proposed takeover of Twitter, like Trump he appears to have started recognizing who his friends are (or could be), and why the left and the media are his implacable foes. Connect the dots accordingly.

Today’s evidence for this hypothesis:

P.S. It would seem that Musk has already prompted some changes at Twitter. For most of the last two years I picked up about five new followers a week on Twitter. In the last five days I’ve picked up 500. I’m hearing widespread reports from other conservatives who are experiencing the same thing. Apparently someone at Twitter has dialed back the conservative-suppressing algorithms, and/or conservatives are coming back to Twitter really fast.

NB: I still mostly use Twitter just to tell jokes, but if you want to follow along, I’m @stevenfhayward.