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It was reported today that Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal looked “tired” and expressed regret about negotiations with Elon Musk during a companywide meeting following the announced takeover last Monday.

Agrawal reportedly told employees that he wished “we had done better with lots of things” during talks with Musk.

Without providing specifics, Agrawal told the employees, “There are things I disagree with fundamentally.”

According to Business Insider, an employee in attendance reportedly described Agrawal as appearing “tired and at times annoyed” during the meeting.

Agrawal, who will be well compensated for the move, attempted to assuage workers’ fears as they pressed him for answers on their future, including the likelihood that Twitter will conduct layoffs once the deal closes.

As we previously reported, Agrawal is set to be paid $38.7M as part of a “change in control” package and his total compensation for 2021 was $30.4M, albeit largely in stock awards.

If he were to be terminated within 12 months following the acquisition, Agrawal would be looking at an additional $42M in compensation.

“Different organizations have different cultures, but they’ve excelled. It will be different here than what it is today, but for the people who are here, it will be worth it to be here,” Agrawal reportedly acknowledged at the meeting as well.

According to Reuters, the meeting did little to encourage the staff as one employee told them, “The PR-speak is not landing. They told us don’t leak and do a job you are proud of, but there is no clear incentive for employees to do this.”

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